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We need to change the future of healthcare. So we’re going to.

Imagine a new kind of healthcare.

Imagine a new kind of healthcare. One, where all our knowledge and science got turned into new solutions. One, where new technologies got rapidly implemented, so we could explore their potential. Or one where professionals or even patients were empowered to better diagnose, treat and overcome.

It requires us to change. To stop doing more of the same. To start thinking and innovating in completely new ways. It’s going to require global outreach, new mindsets and new collaborations between science, business, startups and big corps. We do all of that — to change the future of healthcare

The unrealised potential:

We’ve never had more new discoveries within healthcare than now. Research is leading to new knowledge, but too little is resulting in new ways of treating patients. At the same time, much technological innovation is happening outside of the hospital walls, making it hard to actually implement in a clinical environment once it’s ready.

It’s time to join forces

We’ll drive co-innovation of treatments and procedures from inside the clinical environment. Now, it’s time for research team to collaborate across disciplines, academia and industry. With patient outcome and real world needs at the centre, we will start using all we’ve got to create real impact.

The world is waiting

What we do has a nordic starting point — but a global potential. All over the globe, healthcare systems are naturally optimised towards operational excellence leaving little space for innovation. We’ll pave new ways at scale, making sure that patients and professionals worldwide will benefit.

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