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BETA.HEALTH is the Danish National Innovation Platform for Future Healthcare, founded by the leading hospitals in Denmark.

"Palliationskassen" (the palliative care box) aims to make it easier for loved ones to provide end-of-life care for patients in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their homes. The box contains instructions, medicine and other items designed to take the guesswork out of providing palliative care at home.

EchoVice streamlines the capture of transesophageal images related to percutaneous heart valve procedures by essentially acting as a 'third hand' to stabilise the ultrasound probe. This holds the probe steady while allowing the operator to rotate it to obtain the required images, resulting in shorter procedures and better-quality images.

WARD 24/7 is a clinical AI-based support system that uses real-time sensor data to detect even the slightest changes in a patient's condition. When something is amiss, it sends an alert directly to the nurse-on-duty's smartphone – so they can act proactively before a minor issue becomes a life-threatening complication.

DoseTracker is a software-enabled solution providing real-time monitoring of the radiation dose to moving anatomy during radiotherapy. For over a decade, medical physicist Thomas Ravkilde – who is based Aarhus University Hospital – has been developing tools and methods capable of delivering a high dose of radiation that can eradicate a tumor while avoiding damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

The TOLAC App, which was conceived by obstetricians Lone Krebs at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital and Ida Näslund Thagaard at Rigshospitalet, uses data-driven software to help obstetricians, midwives and expectant parents make informed decisions regarding the safest mode of delivery after a prior caesarean section.

Dermloop, which was conceived by Niels Kvorning Ternov, an MD and PhD at the University Hospital of Herlev and Gentofte, offers AI-augmented training, clinical feedback, and management of skin lesions suspicious for cancer.

During this Academy workshop, Kristian Kidholm, Professor of Innovation at Odense University Hospital and an expert on evaluating the value of health technology, discussed ways clinicians can create and use evidence-based arguments to convince hospital leaders to invest in technological solutions.

This Academy Journal Club meeting focused on Saras Sarasvathy's Theory of Effectuation (2001), which is widely regarded as relevant theory for people working with innovation management, development and transformation – where it’s impossible to know the precise goals.