An innovation platform sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation


BETA.HEALTH innovation grants aim to boost innovation projects at Danish hospitals.

Our goal is to ignite and accelerate the development of new or improved treatments and clinical solutions that benefit patients – and society at large.

How do I apply?

Grant & application guidelines

Read the grant guidelines for the Winter 2024 call, and start planning your Summer 2024 application.

Next call: Summer 2024

Keep an eye on this page for important information about the Summer 2024 call requirements and eligibility criteria. The call will open on June 1st and close on September 1st.

Submit your application

Your application must be completed and submitted via the online BETA.HEALTH application and grant-management system. We'll post a link as soon as the Summer 2024 call opens on 1 June.

Grant types:


The BETA.02 grant provides funding in the amount of 250,000 DKK.
Projects receiving this grant must be relevant to clinical research.


The next call opens on 1 June 2024.


The BETA.05 grant provides funding in the amount of 500,000 DKK.
Projects receiving this grant must be directly related to clinical research.

The next call opens on 1 June 2024.


The BETA.10 grant provides funding in the amount of 1,000,000. DKK. This grant is offered once per year during the Summer call.

Projects receiving this grant must be based on clinical research.

The next call opens on 1 June 2024.

More than money: support, acceleration & impact

BETA.HEALTH grants offer more than funding. This is a partnership. Our dedicated BETA.HEALTH project teams will invest the time and brainpower necessary to deeply understand your project. We're here to help clear obstacles from your path – and support you in securing critical buy-in from decision-makers at multiple hospitals.

We’ll help break down barriers to innovation, provide continuous consultation, and grant you full access to our network of experts and communities. We believe that innovation doesn't just come from funding. It's about providing the right competencies, experts and support – at the right times. 


Our first call.

There were 12 grants in total, covering our East and West programmes. The grants were awarded by the BETA.HEALTH national review committee on 11 May 2022.

Previous Call: Summer 2023

There were 15 grants in total, covering our East and West programmes. The grants were awarded by the BETA.HEALTH national review committee on 2 November 2023.

Future Calls

Twice per year, BETA.HEALTH awards grants for clinical innovation projects across Denmark. The next call opens on 1 June 2024 and runs until 1 September 2024.


BETA.HEALTH grant funds cannot be used for:

•         Costs related to the publication and presentation of research findings

•         Support of research projects with no development and/or implementation intended

•         Direct funding (salary) of PhD student positions

Yes. But you might consider prioritising your time and effort towards the project with the farthest-reaching potential.


Your application will be evaluated on equal footing with other applicants, regardless of whether you've previously applied for or received a grant. However, you cannot apply for a new grant before you've finalised the agreed project phases and milestones associated with the previous grant.

All applications are submitted through a single platform: https://betahealth.eu-1.smartsimple.eu. During the application process, you must select and elaborate on your preferred BETA.HEALTH location.

Your selection determines your project's formal affiliation in terms of program agreements and coordination, administration of the grant, reporting, and program activities.

No. Even when multiple types of grants are offered int he same call, you must specify which grant you're applying for – including how the desired amount and support from BETA.HEALTH will drive your project forwards.

Yes. The differences are described in each call's guidelines. In short, you must state a preference for working with either the East or West BETA.HEALTH team.

Your selection determines:

  • Who will pay out and administer the grant
  • Who will facilitate and provide services and activities to your project
  • The location and dates of project-related activities

The grant recipient must send an electronic invoice (or other relevant financial instrument) to BETA.HEALTH, following the terms of the 'Grant Agreement'.

Note: Funds will be transferred only to 'Research Accounts' (Forskningskonto).

The flat hourly rate for calculating team 'salary' is DKK 500 per resource.

No. You may not include overhead costs in your application budget.

No. We provide project support to grant recipients free of charge based on our assessment of each project's individual needs. However, we do advise on (and offer) expert resources at a cost. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes. Your BETA.HEALTH project team will help you. 

Yes. Grant funds may be used to pay for external consultants with competencies in areas like business development, regulatory requirements, or a technical or clinical field. They can also be used to cover external laboratory testing. You can read more in the relevant call guidelines.

No, but you can. If it's relevant, we'll help you to identify and initiate contact with an industry partner.

If you apply through the Industry Call, you will have the opportunity to partner with Roche. Please note that it is not mandaroty and/or a prerequisite that you do.

BETA.HEALTH grants are awarded by a national review committee consisting of people with expertise and extensive experience in (among other things) research, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, philanthropy and various subject-specific areas.

You can learn more about the national review committee in the 'Governance' section of this website.