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We’re setting out to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Radical things are happening here. Join us on the journey towards a new healthcare system.

We’re a diverse team of doers aiming to do healthcare innovation differently — focusing on action and real-world impact from the get-go.


Powered by practice.

We’ve set out to do one thing: Solve real healthcare challenges for real people. We don’t engage in science just for the sake of science. We use our knowledge to innovate, launch and repeat.

Excited to explore.

We celebrate curiosity, exploration and everything new. We see emerging technologies as enormous and exciting opportunities for new innovations in healthcare!

Going beyond the 'now'.

Everything we do must have the potential to go beyond the present. We think big – we have to. We’re solving some of healthcare's biggest challenges on a global scale.

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We are situated at hospitals across Denmark. Find your local site here.

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Anne Aavad

Project Manager

Aarhus Site

Bodil Christine Reumert

Head of Strategic Innovation

Aarhus Site

Carina Østervig Andersen

Project Manager

Aalborg Site

Diana Riknagel

Chief Innovation Officer & Head of International Affairs

Aarhus Site

Ditte Thøgersen

Academy Lead

Copenhagen Site

Henrik Gaunsbæk

Innovation Consultant

Odense Site

Laura Emilie S. Kristensen


Aarhus Site

Mikkel Møl Dalsgaard

Innovation Project Lead

Aarhus Site

Nynne Møller Pedersen

Communication Manager

Copenhagen Site

Peter Stegger

Business Development Lead

Copenhagen Site

Rasmus Fält

Accelerator Lead

Copenhagen Site

Rikke Lyngholm Christensen

Programme Manager

Odense Site

Rune Holdt

Chief of Staff

Copenhagen Site

Sage Crawford

Lead Content Writer & Editor

Aarhus Site

Simon Edelberg


Aarhus Site

Susanne Svendsen

Senior Project Manager

Aarhus Site

Trine Wildt Andersen

Innovation Project Lead

Aarhus Site


BETA.HEALTH is a Danish national health-innovation platform and grant program that funds and supports high-potential innovation projects stemming from clinical research discoveries. Our vision is to change the future of healthcare. 

The BETA.HEALTH team can be contacted at AUH Innovation, Aarhus University Hospital (West Denmark office), and at the Innovation Center at Rigshospitalet (East Denmark office), or our BETA colleagues at Aalborg University Hospital and Odense University Hospital. 

BETA.HEALTH is supported by Novo Nordisk Foundation, Central Denmark Region, and The Capital Region of Denmark. 

The BETA.HEALTH organizational levels comprise of: Steering Committees; A National Review Committee; BETA.HEALTH Management; BETA teams.

BETA.HEALTH® is a coorporation run by Aarhus University Hospital and Rigshospitalet — Proudly sponsored by the
Novo Nordisk Foundation