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Mitigate - Rigshospitalet


Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide – and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) represents a significant subset of these cases. Cardiac rehabilitation focusing on medication optimisation and improvements to modifiable risk-profile and lifestyle factors is an important course of treatment following a patient's discharge from hospital after AMI.

The Inspiration Behind the Innovation 

An acute hospitalisation is often a confusing time for patients, and it requires a special effort to involve them in their own treatment and ensure that they're aware of the disease's progression, including the development of new symptoms requiring attention. AMI is a condition that requires highly specialised care and subsequent follow-ups to avoid the development of conditions such as renewed symptoms of ischemic heart disease (IHD), left heart failure (HF) and arrhythmias.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an important additional treatment following discharge after AMI. However, only two-thirds of patients currently choose to accept the rehabilitation program they're offered.

The Innovation 

Mitigate aims to improve patient compliance in their ongoing care and rehabilitation after AMI by offering convenient home-monitoring and other support for post-AMI patients who have undergone highly specialised cardiac treatment. The solution includes home-monitoring of vital parameters, guidance on critical topics (e.g. healthy lifestyle choices), pre-clinic questionnaires, and a communication platform to facilitate text messages between patient and clinic.

The Team 

Christian Koerner: Director of Digitalisation; Rigshospitalet  

Peter Karl Jacobsen: Chief Physician; Department of Cardiology, Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet  

Ragnheidur Traustadottir: Digitalisation Consultant; Rigshospitalet

Lena Kjær: Project Manager