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Evido - Odense University Hospital


Fatty liver disease is one of the most widespread chronic liver diseases in the world. It causes over a million deaths worldwide every year – and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t only affect heavy drinkers. 

The Inspiration Behind the Innovation 

One in four people has fatty liver disease without knowing it. Even more alarming is that this condition can be asymptomatic for fifteen to thirty years, meaning that some people go several decades before realising that their liver is in trouble. Once symptoms appear, the condition has already progressed to cirrhosis, which has a 75% fatality rate within 5 years of the first complication. 

Outside of hospitals, there are currently no accurate implemented methods for identifying fatty liver disease. As a result, 75% of patients are only diagnosed once they’ve reached the end stage of the disease. 

The Innovation 

Evido is based on the belief that more liver-related deaths could be prevented if healthcare systems were able to implement precision diagnostics to identify high-risk patients at the first point of care – thus shifting the focus to prevention instead of treating complications once the patient has reached the point of no return.

While liver tests are some of the most frequently sampled blood tests – over 5 million are performed yearly on Denmark’s 5.9 million residents – their accuracy remains a bit of a coin toss. The most common liver test, ‘ALAT’,  is only accurate 53% of the time. Evido’s algorithm-based solution aims to change this by detecting advanced fatty liver disease with an accuracy of 87% based on a series of standard blood samples that are already widely used in primary care today. 

Evido uses existing healthcare systems and data, enabling clinicians to use the solution within the existing infrastructure and touchpoints – without any changes to their current workflows. The technology is based on over a decade of clinical liver research, and its data models have been validated with thousands of patients.

The Team

Taus Holtug: MSc. Eng. in Design and Innovation; CEO and Co-Founder, Evido

Katrine Prier Lindvig: MD and PhD Student; Center for Liver Research, Odense University Hospital