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BloomBaby - Aalborg University Hospital


Infertility affects up to 20 percent of couples trying to conceive worldwide, adversely affecting the couples’ mental health and damaging their relationships. Current go-to treatments for infertility rely on extensive tests, hormone stimulation and invasive procedures – all of which are physically and emotionally exhausting as well as expensive.

The Inspiration Behind the Innovation 

While the Danish healthcare system covers infertility treatment in certain instances, the majority of European IVF centres are privately owned. Given the expense and invasiveness of current fertility treatment options, many couples would prefer to try something on their own before seeking medical intervention.

The Innovation 

BloomBaby is a bridge between infertility and clinical treatments. It offers an alternative to the current options of ‘suffer with infertility’ or ‘suffer from fertility treatment’. This simple, non-invasive and hormone-free solution presents the majority of sperm cells to the cervix, increasing the chances of conception.

Unlike a similar solution currently on the market, BloomBaby uses an insertion device and special folding mechanism. This eliminates painful insertion and inflammation while avoiding the presentation of sperm-hostile vaginal mucus to the cervix. BloomBaby gives couples a viable chance of conceiving naturally before pursuing painful and expensive medical intervention.

The Team 

Patrick Butler: Clinician; Aalborg University Hospital 

Ileana-Cristina Oprea: Clinician; Aalborg University Hospital 

Louise Thomsen Schmidt Arenholt: Chief Physician, PhD; Department of Women's Health, Aalborg University Hospital

Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel: Professor, Chief Physician; Fertility Department, Aalborg University Hospital