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The BETA.HEALTH Academy is our open platform for sharing knowledge about innovation, emerging technologies and new ways of translating scientific discoveries into practice. Soon you’ll find a variety of articles, thought pieces, guides, and links to courses to spark the innovative mind.


The Academy is led by the BETA.HEALTH team with a mission to develop the competencies necessary to drive clinical innovation and to promote and facilitate an innovation mindset, culture and leadership among clinical researchers. It aims to bridge the gap between a research-based focus and tangible healthcare innovations. The Academy believes that innovation should be recognised and accepted as a highly relevant skill in hospitals as a way to bring clinical research and new inventions to market, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

To support this mission, the Academy collaborates with leading subject-matter experts to provide hands-on training, learning and other opportunities for clinical researchers to develop competencies related to clinical innovation.

Core Activities

The Academy’s core activities consist of:

  • Boot camps and courses aimed at skills development
  • Events and masterclasses aimed at promoting interest in clinical innovation
  • Engaging the clinical innovation community through networking events and ambassadorship


The 'boot camp' is a two-day kickoff for the BETA.HEALTH accelerator programme. It's held two times per year, and it provides the project teams with core innovation knowledge and a project-specific acceleration plan. 

The Academy’s hands-on courses are led by industry experts and partners. They’re designed to empower clinical researchers with the tools and competencies necessary to drive clinical innovation from inception though implementation. 

In addition to these Academy-hosted training opportunities, the Academy is a resource for clinical researchers wanting to discover other relevant courses, masterclasses, and innovation training. In tandem, these training opportunities cover topics like business-case development, sustainable and green innovations, how to pitch a project, and regulatory demands.

The Clinical Innovation Community

The Academy is in the midst of developing a strong community characterised by an innovative culture and mindset. We’re creating a meeting place where innovative researchers can meet like-minded people, exchange knowledge and inspiration, share their experiences in overcoming barriers to innovation, and advance the conversation about what innovation means to the future of healthcare in Denmark – and beyond.

Upcoming Events

21 February 2024 (14:30–16:00) – Rigshospitalet
Certifications & Public Procurement

Join us for an insightful session where we'll provide an overview of Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and guide you through the CE certification process. This session will include a dedicated Q&A segment, offering the opportunity to address specific practical questions related to your project's current status.

The session's second theme will delve into crucial legal requirements concerning hospital procurement. Understanding these requirements is essential if you have future aspirations to sell your solution to public hospitals.

Event location:
Blegdamsvej 60 B.
Opgang 94 A, 1. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø

It's also possible to join this session remotely via Teams.

To register: Please send an email to ditte.thoegersen@regionh.dk

4 April 2024 (13:00–16:00) – Rigshospitalet
Workshop: Business Case, Price Value Modelling & Go-To-Market Strategy

We invite you and your project team to this hands-on workshop aimed at propelling your business case, refining your pricing model, and enhancing your go-to-market strategy. This engaging workshop will be facilitated by a professsor from Copenhagen Business School in collaboration with BETA. HEALTH.

Key workshop focus areas:

  • Business Case Advancement
    Collaborate on strengthening the foundation of your business case.
  • Pricing Model Refinement
    Explore strategies to optimise your pricing model for maximum impact.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Enhancement
    Refine and elevate your approach to successfully enter the market.

This workshop will blend concise presentations with interactive team exercises, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the process. Therefore, your active participation is crucial to this workshop's success.

Event location:
Blegdamsvej 60 B.
Opgang 94 A, 1. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø

In-person participation is preferred, but it's also possible to participate online. Remote participants will be required to print workshop materials in advance, and be physically situated with the rest of their team during the workshop.

To register: Please send an email to ditte.thoegersen@regionh.dk

4 April 2024 (16:00–17:00) – Rigshospitalet
Academy Friday Bar

Have a drink and chat with fellow health innovators! This event is open to both workshop participants and those who just want to mingle.

Event location:
Blegdamsvej 60 B.
Opgang 94 A, 1. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø

To register: Please send an email to ditte.thoegersen@regionh.dk

23 April 2024 (15:00–16:00) – Aarhus University Hospital
What is BETA.HEALTH & the 'accelerator programme'?

Since 2022, the BETA.HEALTH programme has provided funding and accelerator support to 18 projects based at AUH – yet we often hear that people don't quite understand what we do.

Join us for a quick session to learn more about the BETA.HEALTH programme, and see examples of how our innovation experts have helped turn good ideas into patient-facing solutions.

You'll have an opportunity at the end to confirm your project's eligibility for the 'Summer 2024' call, opening on June 1st.

Event location: Aarhus University Hospital – Room TBD
To register: Please send an email to anaamo@rm.dk

6 May 2024 (14:30–16:00) – Rigshospitalet
IPR Strategy & Collaboration Agreements

Join us for a session with a commercialisation attorney who will offer hands-on advice tailored to your project's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy. Delve into the pros and cons of pursuing a patent – and gain valuable insights to help shape your project's trajectory.

In the second half of the session, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the principles governing collaboration agreements. These principles come highly recommended by the Region's legal team, ensuring that your collaborative efforts align seamlessly with legal standards.

Event location:
Blegdamsvej 60 B.
Opgang 94 A, 1. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø

It's also possible to join this session remotely via Teams.

To register: Please send an email to ditte.thoegersen@regionh.dk

We have more events in the pipeline! We’ll share information as soon as it's available.

Past Events

Here's a sampling of past Academy-sponsored events.

26 January 2024 – Workshop
Stakeholder Analysis, Personas & User Journeys

Take your project to new heights by focusing on enhancing its customer readiness. Using a combination of concise presentations and interactive team activities, this workshop is designed to empower your team through a dynamic approach to customer engagement.

Topics include:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
    Conduct a comprehensive stakeholder analysis to distinguish between various customer groups, users, beneficiaries, and potential business partners.
  • Persona Creation
    Utilise a template to craft detailed personas, providing valuable insights into your target audience.
  • Product/User Journey Mapping
    Delve into the intricacies of the product or user journey, offering a precise depiction of how stakeholders interact with your solution.

26 January 2024
Academy Friday Bar

Have a drink and chat with fellow health innovators! This event is open to both workshop participants and those who just want to mingle.

14 November 2023
From Research to Spin-Out: A Conversation with Cessatech

Which path to patients is the most painless when you want to succeed with innovation? How can you minimise the costs associated with the regulatory approval process? What’s the best way to go about securing a partnership agreement with the industry?

Join BETA.HEALTH Academy to get answers to these and related questions. Jes Trygved, CEO of Cessatech (www.cessatech.com), will share the experiences, challenges and milestones he encountered on his company's journey from research at Rigshospitalet to creating a spin-out and unique partnership with the industry. 

26 October 2023 – 'Coffee & Knowledge' Session
ISO 13485
& Regulatory Frameworks for Startups
Two regulatory experts with many years of experience in the medical device industry will talk about how startups can begin the process of completing the prerequisite regulatory work for getting the approvals necessary to bring their products to patients.

Attendees can expect an introduction to ISO 13485 and an overview of the first steps toward establishing a regulatory framework in a startup. The session will be held in Danish, and is open to anyone who's interested in getting an overview and understanding of ISO 13485 standards and how to get started with implementation.

16 May 2023 – Meetup
Rigshospital Innovation Centre in Collaboration with BETA.HEALTH Academy
ChatGPT & LLM: The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare? 
AI and chatbots are already part of the healthcare landscape – and they’re expected to become even more common in the future. How can we ensure that we use this technology in the most ethical and beneficial way? Join our host, Henning Langberg, Chief of Innovation at Rigshospitalet and other industry experts to discuss this and other important questions about the future of AI in patient care and research. 

29 March 2023 – Masterclass

Are you planning to apply for a BETA.HEALTH grant? Join this masterclass and get access to sparring from clinical innovation experts and your peers. 12 cases aiming at implementation within Regions North, Midt and South can gain direct feedback on their cases during this class.

8 March & 12 April 2023 - Academy Workshop
Evidence-Based Argumentation

Do you have a healthcare innovation project that’s in need of an evidence-based argument regarding the value of the technology in order to gain support from hospital decision-makers? We’ll show you how to identify, select and highlight your innovation’s most important value and selling points – and how to get crucial support from hospital managers.

1 March 2023 – Online Journal Club
Sarasvathy Effecuation Theory as Innovation Management

In this online journal club, we'll discuss Effectuation Theory in the context of how managers can develop and lead a clinic that handles complex issues by supporting entrepreneurial action. We'll also elaborate on the science behind effectual reasoning in the context of innovation management.

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