An innovation platform sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation


BETA.HEALTH can support projects financially through three types of grants: 

  • BETA.02 – A grant of up to DKK 250.000 
  • BETA.05 – A grant of up to DKK 500.000 
  • BETA.10 – A grant of up to DKK 1.000.000 

BETA.HEALTH will typically have two calls for grant applications per year. The application form includes a field in which the project team must indicate a preference, and a professional qualification thereof, to which innovation unit they wish to be associated. Potential differences in processes and means of support from BETA East and BETA West are described in the Guidelines for the current call.


The BETA.HEALTH Review Committee ultimately determines which project applications are awarded BETA.HEALTH Grants. The Review Committee is comprised of independent experts.

The role of the BETA team is to pre-screen applications and prioritize them for the BETA.HEALTH Review Committee before their evaluation. Further, the BETA team oversees that the evaluation process of the Review Committee is carried out in accordance with BETA.HEALTH’s rules and policies, including rules of eligibility to ensure full impartiality of committee members. 

The entire evaluation process is monitored by the two BETA.HEALTH Steering Committees at Rigshospitalet and Aarhus University Hospital. 


We prioritize projects based on their potential to have the largest impact on the largest number of patients. Our evaluation of the projects will also include an analysis of uncertainties regarding the paths to success (technological challenges, lack of buy-in from decision makers, partnerships etc.), whereby highest priority will be given to projects with the best chances to achieve their goals. 

To maximize the chances of your project being presented to the review committee, your proposed solution should embody as many of the following ideals as possible: 

  • Impact: It provides significant clinical added value to a large number of patients 
  • Value proposition: The need for it is validated at more than one clinical ward / location 
  • Implementation: You have a clear and concise roadmap for your innovation project 
  • Simplicity: Its key elements can be clearly articulated in the form of a potential business case from the perspective of the hospital 
  • Competence: A project team is in place to develop it 

Innovation projects in BETA.HEALTH will most likely continue development along one or several routes within: 

  • Dissemination of new processes in treatments across the healthcare system
  • Development and/or implementation of new products or services in collaboration with an external partner in development or to enhance distribution and scale 
  • Forming spin-out opportunities with licensable IP

Innovation requires doing things differently but that does not mean that every aspect has to depart from the status quo. We encourage solution simplicity and patient centric value creation.  


The grant, together with support from the BETA team, can help the project team scope, prioritize and design relevant project phases, get buy-in from decision makers at multiple hospitals, assess key solution challenges, find partners etc. Project support efforts from BETA.HEALTH can further facilitate new industrial partnerships, guide in formation of start-ups and prepare projects for direct implementation in relevant departments, if the technology is available. 

If your project application is selected by the Review Committee you will be contacted by the BETA team for preparation of a joint project agreement. Potential differences in processes and support between BETA EAST and BETA WEST will be described in the Guidelines for each call for applications. 


The main applicant must be employed at a Danish public hospital, pre-hospital or within psychiatry. 

We welcome and encourage diversity among project teams and are constantly in search of high-impact projects, regardless of seniority.



The following shall be considered ineligible to apply for or receive grants from the BETA.HEALTH grant:

  1. Employees of the innovation departments involved in BETA.HEALTH.
  2. Members of the Steering Committee or Review committee. However, committee members may serve as collaborative partners or advisers on an application.  
  3. Any other institution or individual not employed at a Danish public hospital.