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The Call

The Winter 2023 call for applications is open!

BETA.HEALTH wants to support and accelerate innovation projects at Danish hospitals to spark the development of new or improved treatments and clinical solutions for the benefit of patients and society.

In the current call for applications, BETA.HEALTH will award two types of grant:

  • BETA.02: DKK 250.000
  • BETA.05: DKK 500.000

There are 16 grants in total, which will be divided equally between our 'East' and 'West' locations. Each location has 4 BETA.02 and BETA.05 grants available.

You may apply for a BETA.HEALTH grant using our online application and grant management system.

Applicants must download and read this guide before applying. 


  • 15 November 2022: Winter 2023 call opens
  • 29 January 2023: Winter 2023 call application deadline
  • 19 April 2023: All applicants receive notification of the Review Committee's decision
  • 1 June 2023: Summer 2023 call opens
  • 27 August 2023: Summer 2023 call application deadline


BETA.HEALTH aims to accelerate the development and implementation of new or improved treatments and clinical solutions. 

Grant applicants must demonstrate how their specific innovation project leverages clinical research discoveries or other published research that can be exploited in a new way, a new clinical area or a new clinical context.

For the Winter 2023 call specifically, BETA.HEALTH will prioritise projects that clearly address:

  • Capacity issues in healthcare systems
  • Early detection using predictive models, screening modalities or other digital workflows in clinical diagnostics
  • Personalised solutions that suit each patient's needs regardless of physical location, with a focus on value and outcome measures

Examples of projects addressing the above issues could be data- and/or device-driven solutions leading to:

  • Increased diagnostic capacity
  • Continuous and actionable decision support
  • Increased precision of diagnostics for early screening, intervention/treatment and monitoring
  • Prospectively-validated prediction models that support optimal resource allocation in the healthcare system

Applicants are encouraged to highlight how their project addresses issues that fall within the BETA.HEALTH purpose and areas of support.

Outside the BETA.HEALTH grant program scope:

  • Projects with only incremental improvement of existing solutions
  • Projects with inadequate scaling potential


We define 'clinical innovation' as the development, use and dissemination of new products or processes that provide better treatments and better everyday lives for patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

We look for impact potential, and we define and design around project risks. We're committed, through BETA.HEALTH's support structures, to accelerating time to impact.


BETA.HEALTH-funded innovation projects will most likely continue their road towards positive patient impact along one or several routes within:

  • Dissemination of new processes in treatments across the healthcare system
  • Development and/or implementation of new products or services in collaboration with an external partner in development or to enhance distribution and scale 
  • Forming spin-out opportunities with licensable IP

Please refer to the call guidelines for further details, or contact us at contact@betahealth.dk if you are in doubt about these 'areas of support'.


Grant funds may be used to fund external project costs, including: 

  • External consultants with competencies in, e.g. business development or a technical or clinical field
  • External laboratory testing
  • Equipment, including hardware and software
  • Limited travel and accommodations
  • Up to 20% of the grant to free resources for core project team members

Note that 5% of the grant will be reserved for program activities (i.e. project bootcamp/booster, education & acceleration activities from external providers).

Funding cannot be used for: 

  • Costs related to the publication and presentation of research findings 
  • Support of research projects with no intended development and/or implementation
  • Direct funding (salary) of PhD students 


The BETA.HEALTH team screens and prioritises applications for the BETA.HEALTH review committee. The initial screening is based on the information provided in the online application. All applications are screened and evaluated by the BETA.HEALTH team and review committee using the same tools and criteria to ensure consistency and equal opportunity. 

Ultimately, the BETA.HEALTH review committee awards grants based on their final evaluation approximately one month after the application deadline. Applicants are notified one week later.


After you submit your application, the BETA.HEALTH team might contact you or relevant experts from the BETA.HEALTH network to clarify any issues related to your application or the solution domain. The information that you or the experts provide during this conversation is only for clarification purposes. It will not otherwise add to your application. 

If your project is awarded a grant, a member of the BETA.HEALTH team will contact you regarding the development of a joint project agreement and next-phase planning.  

For projects applying with preference for the BETA.HEALTH 'East' location: 

  • Experienced innovation experts assigned to the team: The BETA.HEALTH team will gear your project with entrepreneurial support and add expertise to the project team to accelerate your project towards implementation and scaling.
  • Project scope and innovation design: The BETA.HEALTH team will facilitate a 'project bootcamp' where we'll help you focus on project design. We'll address issues such as scope, value proposition, market potential/how to use your network, and project planning. Based on this, we'll draw up a joint project agreement that includes a project plan, alignment of accountability agreements, and project traction metrics and milestones.
  • BETA.HEALTH partner: The BETA.HEALTH team will facilitate workshops and regular check-ins with the team to review progress and provide advice on project needs. As such, the BETA.HEALTH team will be your innovation partner in select phases of your project (e.g. MVPs, POC, validation, implementation, planning for scale, distribution or diversification, enabling long-term impact for successful solutions).
  • Networking and partner strategy: The BETA.HEALTH team will proactively secure matchmaking with relevant experts, mentors and key contributors, such as co-developers, product distributors and potential partner companies – maturing the project for further investment.


  • Kick-off meetings 17–28 April 2023
  • Project bootcamp: 30–31 May 2023
  • Expected commencement and payout of grants: June 2023

For projects applying with preference for the BETA.HEALTH 'West' location: 

  • Hands-on philosophy: BETA.HEALTH West provides experienced hands-on project management and project support resources as an additional investment in each project.
  • Joint project-booster efforts: BETA.HEALTH West facilitates a 3–5-week project-booster effort together with the core project team. This can be by physical or virtual meetings – or a combination of both. The BETA.HEALTH West team will invest up to 70 hours to assist with things like access to decision-makers at other hospitals, identifying potential partners, securing access to laboratories and data-centers, and legal support. Based on this effort, we'll draw up a joint project agreement in which we agree upon the project period, joint milestones and contributions from the core project team and from the BETA.HEALTH team. The investment of BETA.HEALTH team hours and grant funds may become dependent on achieving an agreed milestone. Project periods for BETA.02 and BETA.05 grants will be 6–9 months.
  • Project management support in the incubation period: During the incubation period of 6–9 months for BETA.02 and BETA.05 projects, the BETA.HEALTH team provides project management and other project-support services. The number of hours that BETA.HEALTH West will invest in the project – in addition to the grant – will vary based on the project's needs and mutual agreement between parties. BETA.HEALTH West will typically invest 200–300 hours per project.


Important dates for the five-week project-booster efforts:

  • 24–28 April 2023: Kick-off workshop (4 hours)
  • 5–9 June 2023: Final project-booster workshop (2 hours)
  • 12 June 2023: Start of incubation period. Payout of grant immediately thereafter.

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